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More booking information, setup, group sizes, late cancellation fee…

Not able to guarantee an audience of 300+? Here are some other options.

To book, call 604-682-7020,  email or fill out the form below.

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Interested in a presentation at a community event or conference, or venue other than a high school assembly? Please click here for more information.

Performance and Set Up needs:

  • We bring our own sound and other equipment
  • A performance space large enough to accommodate the band and an audience of 300 seated people (i.e. theatre, gymnasium, foyer, auditorium etc.) If the space is outdoors, it must be well protected from the weather and have power.
  • Access to the area or room at least one full hour prior to the show as well as after the show, for setup and take down.
  • Electrical power (30amps at 110 volts)
  • (ideally) the use of a riser (24?w x 12?d) or stage area
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