Logistics and Requirements At a Glance

  • Grades 9-12 assembly of 300-2400 students. Partial grade 8’s okay with additional preparation
  • 1 hour presentation can be adjusted by +/- 15 minutes to fit block length.
  • No cost, provided minimum audience size is met. Late cancellation fees apply.
  • We supply all equipment and sound technician. Require electricity and covered or indoor location with seated audience.

Call 604-682-7020 for more information or book online

ReachOut is developed and delivered by the BC Schizophrenia Society for HereToHelp. Funding for this project was provided by BC Mental Health and Addiction Services, an agency of PHSA.


Detailed information on this page:


About the presentation (length, format):

The show is about 1 hour long, and if necessary it can be lengthened or shortened by 10-15 minutes to fit block length. Music is interspersed with learning about psychosis, which are delivered in a fun and interactive way. One of the presenters experienced psychosis during high school and speaks about his experience. There are prize-driven mini quizzes throughout the show to include the audience in our show as much as possible.

Reach Out includes an acoustic rock performance by highly regarded professional musicians and comedy performers , and includes a speaker with direct experience of psychosis. Booking these performers and sound crew for a one hour show would normally cost several hundred dollars, but is provided free through the ReachOut program. Throughout the show there are mini quizzes, which are rewarded with prizes from our various Sponsors .


No Cost for Assemblies of 300+. Designed for assembly audience of 300 or more.

Info for smaller groups.

The performance is designed for an assembly audience of 300 seated students or more, and is available free of charge to groups of this size or larger.

It is not suitable for situations where there is not a definite start time or where attendance is optional, such as community fairs or health days, as these generally do not meet the minimum audience requirements at any one time. We can present to as large a group as your auditorium can seat.

Our performance is designed for 300+ students and our absolute minimum group size is 150 students. Smaller schools or groups are encouraged to contact us to arrange to piggy-back on a nearby presentation in a larger school or for information about our live broadcasts. Here are some other ideas for small group / single class ways of studying this topic in an accurate, science-based way.


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations for tour shows outside the lower mainland with less than 10 business days notice are subject to a fee of $200 to partially offset hotel and travel costs for the wasted day. This fee will be waived if the booking is replaced by another school for that day and time slot (morning or afternoon).

Although our presentation is delivered free to qualifying audiences, please note that cancellations for local shows (within the lower mainland BC) with less than 5 business days notice are subject to a $200 short notice cancellation fee, as it is normally not possible to book in another school for that day at that point. This fee is waived if a substitute booking is found for that day. Thank you for understanding.


Audience Minimum not met fee

This presentation is offered free of charge to audiences of 200 or more students. If a minimum of 150 audience members are not present for the performance on the day it is delivered, a fee of $300 (aproximately 1/3 of the cost to us to provide of the presentation) will be charged.


Smaller Audiences?

Not sure you can schedule an assembly this year? Looking for something for 30-99 people or a single class? Please see our sister programs – Partnership Program (panel presentation) and Reaching Out (video and curriculum guide) that are suitable for smaller groups. Here is another list of educational resources you might find helpful.


Performance and Set Up needs:

  • We bring our own sound and other equipment
  • A performance space large enough to accommodate the band and an audience of 300 seated people (i.e. theatre, gymnasium, foyer, auditorium etc.) If the space is outdoors, it must be well protected from the weather and have power.
  • Access to the area or room at least one full hour prior to the show as well as after the show, for setup and take down.
  • Electrical power (30amps at 110 volts)
  • (ideally) the use of a riser (24’w x 12’d) or stage area


To book Reach Out – High School Bookings Only


All Other Enquiries:

  • April Butler, Program Manager 604-270-7841 direct (lower mainland) 1-888-888-0029 (BC) psychosis@bcss.org


Information for Families and Teachers

In addition to the school concert for youth, ReachOut also provides resources and information for teachers and parents. Teachers are given resources on psychosis, and information on how to spot and stop this brain condition early. Early medical treatment of psychosis has been shown to be very important to ensuring that young people make a full and speedy recovery. Click here for information and resources for parents, friends, siblings and teachers.

All medical information presented has been vetted by our medical advisory committee made up of staff from BC Early Psychosis Intervention clinics. View list of Prescribed Learning Outcomes this program fulfills.

“I think the ReachOut Psychosis tour is doing fabulous work, both for promoting early treatment and for reducing stigma.”
Rene Corbett
Mental Health Educator/Clinician
Early Psychosis Intervention Program


ReachOut Performances

Performances by professional musicians, comedians and/or dancers and tons of prizes from our Sponsors to help educate young people about psychosis. ReachOut is a dynamic performance suited for high school assemblies, and other large youth audiences.

ReachOut started touring lower mainland high schools in the spring of 2005. Through its huge success ReachOut received more funding and sponsors, which has allowed the program to perform all school year long. This extended funding also allowed us to travel through British Columbia to places like Kelowna, Penticton, Vernon, Pemberton, Williams Lake, Prince George and Victoria. (click here to find out more about our Tours and local dates and view a map of where we’ve been recently.).


ReachOut’s Message

The goal of ReachOut is to break down barriers that exist around psychosis through music, slam poetry and fun, and to increase the chances of early intervention.

Psychosis is a topic that needs to be addressed in both high schools and universities, purely based on the large amount of misconception and the high prevalence.

Psychosis has no borders and affects 3% of the population at some point during their life, which makes it 6 times more common than diabetes! Most experience the first symptoms during high school or early university, and it can be a scary and intimidating time for affected individuals as well as those close to them. Early intervention is extremely important to increase the chances of full recovery. The earlier individuals receive treatment, the better it is. This is why we are educating young people, their teachers and families on how to spot and stop psychosis early.(to learn more about psychosis click here)


The Focus of ReachOut’s Message:

  • Psychosis affects 3% of the population (6 times more common than diabetes) and the first onset usually occurs between 16 and 25
  • Causes of psychosis (eg: bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, drug induced psychosis etc.)
  • Basic symptoms
  • What psychosis looks like to someone else (how a person with psychosis might act)
  • What it might feel like to have psychosis
  • There is treatment and early intervention is important to increase the chances of full recovery
  • Where to go for help, both online and within the region
  • Education about the early signs and symptoms of psychosis can save countless young lives.

ReachOut is developed and managed by the BC Schizophrenia Society. Funding for this project was provided by BC Mental Health and Addiction Services, an agency of PHSA.
To find out more about Reach Out, and how to book us please click here


What People are Saying

“I truly enjoyed every piece of the performance! The information between songs was very interesting and you related it to movies which the kids connect with! As a theatre teacher, I am a definite critic of performance, but you truly have an amazing and insprirational group and presentation!” – Teresa Donald, Correlieu Secondary, Quesnel

“I have to say I appreciated the show coming to Kamloops as well as the grassroots interaction between performers and audience. Though Ten Ways and Barbara were preaching to the converted for the most part, the performers were so honest in their approach that the audience was comfortable enough to share gut-wrenching stories. It was those stories which underscored the tour’s message of “Psychosis Sucks … If there’s no one there to catch you.” – Bart Cummins: Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops

“All of Reach Out’s participants were excellent. A great balance of talking, music and slam poetry. Definitely a great consciousness raising event!” – Michael Douglas, Psychology Teacher at Okanagan College, Kelowna

“My husband & I have recently moved here for the winter from Ontario and went to a talk re Reach Out at TRU in Kamloops last eve. We have a 29 yr old son who suffers from schizophrenia and just wanted to say that we were very impressed with the Reach Out program to raise awareness of this illness. It is a very worthwhile program and again thank you!” – Lorraine Frymire, Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops

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About HereToHelp

The BC Schizophrenia Society is a member of the BC Partners for Mental Health and Addictions Information.  The BC Partners for Mental Health and Addictions Information are a group of seven leading provincial mental health and addictions nonprofit agencies. The seven partners are Anxiety BC, BC Schizophrenia Society, Centre for Addictions Research of BC, Canadian Mental Health Association’s BC Division, F.O.R.C.E. Society for Kids Mental Health, Jessie’s Legacy/North Shore Family Services, and Mood Disorder’s Association of BC.  Since 2003, we’ve been working together to help individuals and families better prevent, recognize and manage mental health and substance use problems. BC Partners work is funded by BC Mental Health and Addiction Services, an agency of the Provincial Health Services Authority. We also receive some additional support from the Ministry of Children and Family Development.  The BC Partners are behind the acclaimed HeretoHelp website. Visit us at www.heretohelp.bc.ca .

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