There is no cost for presentations in British Columbia, provided our minimum audience size requirements are met.

For bookings within the lower mainland:

To book for an assembly presentation of 300 or more students in grade 8+ in the lower mainland, please call 604-682-7020 or email reachoutbookings (at) bcss (dot) org. We should be able to accommodate your schedule.

For bookings outside of the lower mainland:

We organize our visits into one week tours,  doing at least one week tour per health region in B.C. every school year. A list of our current tour dates and locations is here.  To book for a group of 300 or more students in grade 10+ , call 604-682-7020 or email reachoutbookings (at) bcss (dot) org and our booking staff person will help you. It is possible to book us outside of the dates we will be in your area, provided our travel costs are reimbursed.

Including younger students:

Grade 7 students can be included your assembly presentation. However, since the vocabulary and concepts are designed for older students, your younger students will benefit from additional preparation. Here are some tools for that purpose. These are also a great way to enhance the presentation experience for any of your students.

Smaller audiences:

Are you interested in booking ReachOut psychosis for a smaller audience? Think we’d be perfect for your conference, community event, or school outside of British Columbia? Please contact the program manager to discuss your options. Some additional options for groups too small to host ReachOut (such as individual classes) are available here.

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