Presentations in non-school community locations

Presentations in non-school community locations

The ReachOut performers are available to present their regular one hour presentation at community events and conferences to a youth or adult audience from October – May.  Due to the cost of performers and sound equipment setup, in order to present this performance free of charge, we need a minimum audience of 150 seated persons (preferably 300+) and an indoor or covered area to set up in.  If your performance situation does not meet our minimum attendance requirements, we will unable to accommodate you free of charge. Please inquire for details on costs if this applies to your event.  Travel and accommodation costs may also apply outside the lower mainland.  Please contact the program manager, April Butler at 604-270-7841 or  for more details or to discuss options.

Very large audiences are welcome, with a maximum determined by the seating area of your auditorium. Events where attendance at sessions is optional, or where people move in and out of the performance space freely, are not suitable.

Academic and Professional Conferences

The ReachOut program is extensively evaluated and provides an interesting case study on the process and impact of building health literacy in youth. Both youth and teacher knowledge increase is evaluated, along with the effects of the program on help seeking and referring behaviour, with a view to measuring effect on duration of untreated psychosis.

The program manager is available year round for presentations at conferences or meetings about the program and it’s evaluation. Either of our two videos (One of which was featured at the 6th International Conference on Early Psychosis) are also available for broadcast at your event.

Community information display tables and small group presentations

If you’re interested in having a presenter or table display at a community event on psychosis or schizophrenia, we encourage you to contact the BC Schizophrenia Society coordinator for your region directly to provide for this service in your area. You can also see single class or small group presentation ideas on this topic here.

ReachOut does not normally have staff available for table display presentations, but may be available for specialized conferences on psychosis, or which target groups of school professionals. We refer all other requests for information tables or displays at community events to the BC Schizophrenia Society coordinator for your region.

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