For bookings in the Lower Mainland

Vinita Chand - Bookings Co-ordinator

Email: reachoutbookings @ 

Tel: (604) 682-7020 • Fax: 604-270-9861


For bookings outside the Lower Mainland

Vinita Chand - Bookings Co-ordinator

Email: reachoutbookings @ 

Tel: 1 (888) 888-0029 



There is generally no cost for the presentation, regardless of geographical location in the province

provided our minimum audience requirements are met 

Lower Mainland Shows 

Since our group is based out of the lower mainland, we can generally book shows between Chilliwack and North Vancouver around the convenience of your schedule. 

Island, Interior, Northern B.C. Shows

We try each year to book a week-long tour per health region in B.C.. While we cannot always accommodate requests for the current school year, please never hesitate to ask


Grade 7 students can be included your assembly presentation. However, since the vocabulary and concepts are

designed for older students, your younger students will benefit from additional preparation.

Please let us known in advance if your students in this age range will be joining us 


This is in part due to the sensitive, mature nature of the discussion and so we can send over some information packets as a primer 



Watch and Discuss "Map Of The Mind Fields" together as a group

This one hour movie brings together personal stories by young people who have 

experienced psychosis and promotes accurate brain science by informed experts. 

Schedule Us via Skype

Our performers can be booked for sessions over Skype for single classroom audiences

Request A Recording 

If available, we will mail out a professionally shot and edited video to your school 

Have Other Ideas?

Educators and Parents are always welcome to reach out with ideas! 


Not a school, but still have an audience who would benefit from the show?


ReachOut Psychosis has performed at community events and festivals across the province. Our show can easily be adapted to work with different types of audiences. Get in touch with our friendly coordinators to find out if ReachOut is right for your community event. With some exceptions for special audiences, we require a guaranteed seated audience of 200 or more to perform free of charge. If the location is outside the lower mainland and timing can't be combined with an existing tour week, travel costs may need to be reimbursed.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations: Outside the lower mainland with less than 10 business days notice are subject to a fee of $200 to offset pre-booked hotel and travel costs for the day. Cancellations: Local shows (in the lower mainland) with less than 5 business days notice are subject to a $200 short notice cancellation fee, as it is normally not possible to book in another school for that day at that point. 


In both cases, These fees are waived if a substitute booking is found for that day.

Minimum Audience Not Met:

This presentation is offered free of charge to audiences of 200 or more students. If a minimum of 150 audience members are not present for the performance on the day it is delivered, a fee of $300 (approximately one third of the cost to us to provide of the presentation) will be charged.