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Educator Resources

For more information on having the ReachOut Psychosis give an assembly presentation to your school free of charge, please click here.
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Early or Warning Signs of Psychosis

If you have concerns about a young person who may be experiencing psychosis, please contact the early psychosis intervention (EPI) service for your health region. The contact information can be obtained by calling 811 (HealthLinkBC) and asking for ‘early psychosis intervention’ or visiting this link.   These clinics can normally be contacted directly, without a referral […]

Options for single-class presentations

You can watch the full ReachOut performance live or via our online recording, and even schedule a free follow up with a performer via Skype. Other options for evidence based small group presentations on this important issue: Watch and discuss ‘Map of the Mind Fields” together as a group – this one hour movie brings together personal […]

Adolescent Brain Development

Series of youtube videos showing how adolescent brains work and how they develop. Psychosis is an illness that most commonly first appears in adolescence – whose still developing brain is more easily damaged by stressors like drugs, alcohol, injure and severe stress.

When something’s wrong handbooks for teachers from Canadian Psychiatric Research Foundation

This resource for teachers helps provide information for teachers to assist them in recognizing and dealing with mood, thinking and behaviour problems in young people. Created by the Canadian Psychiatric Research Foundation

For Teachers: How to identify and refer students with psychosis, a medical condition of the brain


Why alerting youth to schizophrenia signs is critical


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Drugs and Psychosis

Psychosis can be induced by drugs or can be "drug assisted". Some stimulating drugs, like amphetamines, can cause psychosis, while other drugs, including marijuana, can trigger the onset of psychosis in someone who is already at increased risk because they have "vulnerability".

Supporting Students with Psychosis on Return to School

This fact sheet for teachers is posted with permission of the Vancouver Richmond Early Psychosis Intervention Program.

Reaching Out Classroom Video and Teacher’s Guide

<a href=""><img hspace="5" align="left" class="size-full wp-image-230" title="Reaching Out Classroom Video" src="" alt="" width="222" height="167" /></a>This video tells the story of Todd, a young man becoming ill with psychosis, and his friend who figures out what's wrong and helps him get help.

Information for a young person recovering from psychosis

This booklet was designed for children & younger youth, or persons with lower reading levels, in consultation with the Fraser South Early Psychosis Intervention program. It is designed to be printed on letter sized paper, double-sided, and then folded into a booklet. Booklet for Young People Recovering from Psychosis