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Sisters, Brothers and Friends

If you think a friend or relative has psychosis, they need to see a doctor or mental health clinic as soon as possible. A doctor is the best person to figure out what is wrong and what kind of medical help might be needed. The links below have some more info.

Please click on one of the links below for more information.

Early or Warning Signs of Psychosis

If you have concerns about a young person who may be experiencing psychosis, please contact the early psychosis intervention (EPI) service for your health region. The contact information can be obtained by calling 811 (HealthLinkBC) and asking for ‘early psychosis intervention’ or visiting this link.   These clinics can normally be contacted directly, without a referral […]

Psychosis Study – How Siblings are Affected

This article, in the Journal of Psychosocial Nursing, is about a study done of sisters and brothers of youth with psychosis and talks about how siblings are affected. homework essay writing Siblings and psychosis (This is a link to the full article) This is the abstract (summary) of the article: The growth of early intervention […]

Mind Your Mind website for youth is an award winning site for youth by youth. This is a place where you can get info, resources and the tools to help you manage stress, crisis and mental health problems. Share what you live and what you know with your friends.

Online Support and Answer Groups

Would you like to talk online with others who are supporting or caring about someone with psychosis, schizophrenia, a mood disorder, depression or some other mental health concern?

Would you like to ask questions about mental illness and get information on support and services available to you in BC?

Click here to go to our <a href="" title="Online Support and Information Forum">online support forum</a>, which provides support for family members and supporters. Click on the title link above for more information.

Drugs and Psychosis

Psychosis can be induced by drugs or can be "drug assisted". Some stimulating drugs, like amphetamines, can cause psychosis, while other drugs, including marijuana, can trigger the onset of psychosis in someone who is already at increased risk because they have "vulnerability".

What if my brother or sister (or friend) has psychosis?

“When my sister got sick she was acting really bizarre and the police had to take her to emergency. It was really scary. My friends didn’t understand at first that it was just because her brain was sick, but they do now.”