STUDENT Testimonials

“It was freakin' fab! I appreciate you taking your time to talk about this because it is a touchy subject and not many people get how serious it is and how hard it is to really talk about it. The way you guys approach it is great and fun!” 

Isfeld Secondary, Courtenay


“This presentation was very moving for me. I am having a hard time in school right now psychologically and this amazing show helped me learn how to deal with it. I am glad to have been present.”

St Anne's Academy 


"My husband & I have recently moved here for the winter from Ontario and went to a talk re Reach Out at TRU in Kamloops last eve. We have a 29 yr old son who suffers from schizophrenia and just wanted to say that we were very impressed with the Reach Out program to raise awareness of this illness. It is a very worthwhile program and again thank you!" 

Lorraine Frymire - Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops


“I think the concert was very well performed. I think the songs were well written and very catchy! I have a friend who is bipolar and this presentation has really helped me understand that bipolar isn’t just a simple medical condition. It is a serious condition and thank you for helping me understand that there is something I can do to help ."

Isfeld Secondary, Courtenay 




“Thanks so much for coming around and doing this presentation. Not enough people take mental health seriously and presentations like this are great for stomping stigma and promoting acceptance.”



Parkland Secondary, Sidney 





"Last year when you came I asked for help on your form and since then I got help and I’m so much happier now. Thank you - xoxo"




Clearwater Secondary, Clearwater 


EDUCATOR Testimonials



"All of Reach Out's participants were excellent. A great balance of talking, music and slam poetry. Definitely a great consciousness raising event!" - Michael Douglas, Psychology Teacher at Okanagan College, Kelowna



Michael Douglas
Okanagan College, Kelowna 

Psychology Professor



“Easy to organize-- they do all the work! Great connection with students! Important message that students should hear! Would definitely have them back.” 




Angie Higgs
Killarney Secondary 



“Psychosis is a condition that is more prevalent than most people imagine. As educators we grapple with helping our students and identifying proper routes for treatment. ReachOut Psychosis was a wonderful, entertaining presentation that brought this issue of mental illness out in the open.” 


Scott Anderson
Eagle River Secondary 


“Exceptional skill onstage. This group connected with the audience which brought their information forward in a way students could access. Awesome.” 


Heather Ayris
W.L. Seaton, Vernon



"This program has brought two students to self report their problems - both are doing well. Thank you!" 


Dan Kenkel
Valemount Sec., Prince George


“This was the first time many students heard this message. Very timely!” 


John Campbell
St. Thomas Aquinas, North Van


"I have to say I appreciated the show coming to Kamloops as well as the grassroots interaction between performers and audience. [The Band & The Presenter} were preaching to the converted for the most part, the performers were so honest in their approach that the audience was comfortable enough to share gut-wrenching stories. It was those stories which underscored the tour's message of "Psychosis Sucks ... If there's no one there to catch you."

Bart Cummins - Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops


"The ReachOut program has been very valuable to our students. The most poignant example I can give you is this: we have had a student that has been on counsellors and administrator's 'radar' for her behaviour. The past several years have been challenging for her, and her family. After sitting in on your presentation, and working with school and social workers, this student recognized symptoms of psychosis in her self, and we were able to provide detailed feedback to her health care professionals to support her diagnosis. We knew what to look for, and what to identify. She is currently receiving counselling, and will be receiving medical care. This was only able to happen due to her increased awareness of her symptoms and challenges. I strongly support this program coming to our schools, and look forward to a long relationship with your organization! Thanks for everything!" 

Carla Schneider - Pleasant Valley Secondary, Armstrong


"I truly enjoyed every piece of the performance! The information between songs was very interesting and you related it to movies which the kids connect with! As a theatre teacher, I am a definite critic of performance, but you truly have an amazing and inspirational group and presentation!" 

Teresa Donald - Correlieu Secondary, Quesnel 




“A dynamic and engaging presentation that offers essential info for early psychosis intervention” 


Paulina Tin
Similkameen, Keremeos 


“As a result of the presentation, our Vice Principal was able to identify and then seek help for a student who was hearing voices. He received the treatment he needed and is now doing well.”

Marie Giesbrecht
Clearwater Secondary, Clearwater 



"They normalized mental illness and took away the stigma. It is more common than people think and they made that clear. With a member who experienced a mental illness in his teenage years, made it obvious this is treatable." 


Wendy Johnstone
John Oliver Secondary, Vancouver 


"The ReachOut Psychosis tour is instrumental in promoting factual education about psychosis, decreasing stigma and increasing help seeking behaviors of our youth. The tour delivers the latest international research based information about psychosis, in youth-specific language and in a fun and interactive way. Its invaluable!"

Christina Krack
Fraser Health

RPN - Early Psychosis Intervention

"British Columbia Schizophrenia Society's ReachOut Psychosis is an integral partner, with the Fraser Early Psychosis Intervention Program's community education initiative for youth, to provide education on psychosis, decrease stigma and to increase help-seeking behavior. The ReachOut Tour has implemented the resources required to engage with this targeted age group, to deliver the knowledge in a way that youth best learn. The experiential, interactive and entertaining forum that the program delivers has proven to increase the knowledge and help-seeking of the audience group." 

Karen Tee - Ph.D R. Psych Manager - Early Psychosis Intervention

Child Youth & Young Adult Mental Health and Addictions